Search Engine Marketing Review


Company Category: – Financial Services

Challenging Problem: Client found the rising importance and both the day to day and strategic management of search engine marketing very complex, costly and inefficient.

Creative Solution: TrinityP3 was engaged across a large scale project to ascertain exactly how search engine marketing was handled internal amongst departments and externally via two suppliers.

Process: TrintyP3 conducted extensive document analysis and conducted several stakeholder interviews to determine the process, road blocks and successes within the current frame work of search engine marketing management.

Timeline: Approximately eight weeks from project establishment meeting to the final presentation to senior management stakeholders.

Result and feedback: Through the TrinityP3 Search Engine Marketing Review process, we found roadblocks to best of breed search management to be larger than the discipline (SEM) itself. The client needed to create a digital team to centrally manage all digital activities across all products. This was a major and key finding in the review. The client is currently in the process of implementing our recommendations.

Cost: Contact TrinityP3 for details