Television Production Supplier Negotiation


Company Category: Tourism

Challenging Problem: The Tourism Board had brokered a deal to ‘piggy- back’ an major new film about the country by having the film’s director shoot a TVC in the same style. As competitive costs were logistically unavailable how could the Tourism Board ensure they were getting fair value?

Creative Solution: TP3 under confidentially agreements were asked to help negotiate the final costs and give explanations to senior management on all pricing areas to enable internal sign-off.

Process: TP3 carried out an initial review based on the limited information to hand. Then they worked with the client to discuss and identify areas of concern within the estimated pricing.

Timeline: This was carried out in 24 hours over the weekend owning to the delicate timing of this project. While wanting to ensure the correct level of due diligence it was also important to lock in the director to produce the commercials

Result and feedback: While trying to help negotiate within the restraints of a monopoly situation, TP3 presence in the mix ensured a tightening of both costs and an increased compliance in all levels of written details of the project. This enabled this innovative but costly idea to pass rigourous internal approval.

Cost: Contact TrinityP3 for details