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What is the ideal roster size?

Do you have too many agencies and suppliers on your marketing roster? Most advertisers do. And it is usually not deliberate; it just ends up that way. But getting to the right number will save you time and money and make the whole roster more productive and better performing. Find out how in a Golden Minute.


How many agencies do you have on your roster? Too many?
You’re not alone.
But how many is the right number you ask.
Well some agencies will try to convince you it is one.
But the fact is it depends on your strategy.
You need as many agencies to have the capabilities needed
And as few as possible to get the job done.
So, before you add another specialist to the roster to fill that gap
Or put all your agency business in one agency basket
Consider aligning your roster or agencies and suppliers
To your strategic needs it’s a strategic alignment
It can save you time, money and headaches and answer the question, how many agencies do you really need.