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Why your media agency should be at the centre of your agency roster

While advertisers will spend more money with their media agency than any other agency, it is an anomaly that they invariably do not place media at the centre of their agency roster. This is the honoured place of the creative agency. We explain why it is actually best to have you media agency in this pivotal point of your roster here in Media Minutes.


DARREN: Welcome to Media Minutes. I am Darren Woolley
STEPHEN: And I am Stephen Wright
DARREN: In the next few minutes we will share with you some thoughts on the central role of your media agency.
STEPHEN: Yes, roster coordination and management is absolutely critical now with so many different streams in play across the marketing mix.
DARREN: Surely, it’s the role of the advertiser to manage all of their agencies.
STEPHEN: Well Yes and No. In fairness to advertisers the complexity of the Paid, Owned, EARNED, SHARED spectrum makes this very difficult for them.
STEPHEN (WHILE DIAGRAM ON SCREEN): They simply don’t have the time and campaign detail at their fingertips. It’s the areas of overlap that are most important where campaign activities need to be coordinated and combined to amplify overall presence.
DARREN: OK, that makes sense not sure of why this means media needs to be at the centre. It’s just one part of the mix.
STEPHEN: True, but for the majority of clients the PAID component is a far in a way the biggest proportion of the budget and given the coordinating role that media agencies already perform across digital and social to a large extent it’s just an extension of that.
DARREN: So how do Creative Agencies fit in all this. Traditionally they used to sit at the centre of client rosters providing everything the client needed.
STEPHEN: Yes, and a small handful still provide a full service. But for the vast majority of clients they have a growing roster of agencies.
DARREN: So how does Creative Content fit in this roster model.
STEPHEN: It sits above the roster. It doesn’t directly coordinate activities or integrate. It sets creative themes and supplies content across all disciplines as required.
DARREN: So, it coordinates in the sense that there is a consistency of message and theme rather than aligning schedules in timing and execution.
STEPHEN: It’s important to all activities and agencies across the mix but as a support to each rather than in a coordinating role.
DARREN: Thank you Stephen, some interesting thoughts for advertisers on the coordination of their agency partners. Now for further enlightenment, make sure you subscribe to Media Minutes. A weekly snack on all things media. Until then. I’m Darren Woolley, and he’s
STEPHEN: Stephen Wright
TOGETHER: And this is Media Minutes.