Why global media pitches happen and how to win them.

MediaSense in the UK recently ran a survey in global media pitches, which we participated in and have now published the results in this SlideShare presentation.

Some of the main finding were:

Relationship issues are the main drivers for account reviews, even ahead of savings

• The focus is on chemistry, consistency and credibility

• There is more emphasis on realistic and scalable innovations; engagement over process; and a requirement for a more flexible commercial approach

• Savings are a given; rate comparisons/grids are a leveller not a differentiator; and trading innovation is a challenge

It is interested to read through the findings from both an advertiser and agency view point. While many of the findings may not be hugely surprising I think it is important to reinforce that while many feel price is the main driver, the balance to the value equation is hugely important in media and in fact in all aspects of marketing and advertising.

The challenge is being able to measure and quantify that value against the strategic needs of the organisation and / or brand.

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3 Responses to Why global media pitches happen and how to win them.

  1. James Welch says:

    Thanks for this, Darren. Useful as ever. Think I might use their Three Cs as a check list myself. Reminds me a comment that a creative director once said to me. "There's only one swearword that starts with C that I ever use. And that's Client."
    Come to think of it, that creative director is godfather to one of your kids, I recall!
    There you have it. The Four Cs of New Business.
    (I do hope I'm not quoting him too far out of context!)

  2. I have heard him say that too. So you are not misquoting him James.
    Thanks for the comment and good luck with the new business.

  3. Anne Miles says:

    RogenSi study 2009 stated the top reasons an agency won a pitch include:
    1. Understanding their business 32%
    2. The Best Solution 29%
    3. Chemistry of the team 23%
    4. Politics 16%
    So, whilst the relationship issues may move the client to review the account – this is a good indicator of what is considered in the pitch process to appoint the new business.
    My personal feeling is that 1 and 2 are a given, like a default. If the relationship isn't good then 1 and 2 don't get considered. In neuro-psychology we make decisions in an instant emotionally and then we look for the proof to support that. So, I agree – even though these stats make it look like chemistry or relationships are not the number one factor, I believe they drive the justification and cerebral assessment that created these results.

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