Creative Agency Pitch Consultation – Case study

Challenging Problem

The agency was participating in numerous pitches, but the strike rate of wins was not high enough, and there was a frustrating number of ‘close second place finishes’ to contend with, resulting in morale challenges alongside the central question of ‘how can we turn ourselves into a pitch-winning agency?’

TrinityP3 Solution

We devised an extended Agency Pitch Consultation process designed to dive deep into all aspects of the agency’s pitching methodology.


We asked the agency to provide all documentation from a recent pitch effort – RFI, RFP, briefing materials, and agency responses. Additionally, we asked the agency to complete a process chart to understand the internal workings of how the pitch was navigated.

We ran a roleplay of the pitch response meeting with the agency pitch team as it happened on the day.

We provided an in-depth review of our findings with clear recommendations designed to improve the agency’s approach to the pitch.

We led an all-agency meeting, pitching ‘golden rules’ and facilitating a no-holds-barred Q&A for the agency staff to quiz the TrinityP3 consultant!

Result and Feedback

Six months after the project concluded, the agency reported that having applied the recommendations suggested in the report, its strike rate across 5 pitches was 90%. The agency head directly correlated the project and the performance improvement.

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