Poor practice agency credentials from P&W Advertising

I have written before on how poorly many agencies present themselves in a distinctive way generally, but especially in the pitch process.

And I have provided ideas for agencies on how they can be different in an undifferentiated market place.

But on the basis that show is more effective than tell, here is a good demonstration on the typical poor practice many agencies still insist on using to present their credentials.

I see many agency credentials presentation, both during pitches, but also with the agencies registered on our New Business Register.

The single biggest issue is that beyond the services they provide and their client roster, very few have a philosophy, purpose or reason for being. This means that rather than positioning their value, their credentials presentation simply presents their services.

Like P&W Advertising it ends up being about their offices, resources, clients and basic methodology.

Is it no wonder that agencies are often seen as commodity services differentiated by price?

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