Agency Remuneration and Scope of Work Benchmarking


Client Category: Tourism

Challenging Problem: Client needed to confirm its remuneration arrangements were delivering value and which would allow the Agency to be reappointed without a costly and disruptive pitch process.

Creative Solution: Agency Remuneration Benchmarking and subsequent SOW benchmarking for the following year to assist in determining the level of remuneration going forward.

Process: The Agency was asked to provide a completed data pack which was used to review and benchmark the relationship to date. Following the presentation of the initial findings the client provided TP3 with the proposed SOW for the following year which was then used to provide the client with a negotiation position to be put to the agency.

Timeline: Upon receipt of the required data from the agency the process took 2 weeks. Five weeks in total.

Result and feedback: Client achieved their desired outcomes with no disruption to the current workflow and continue to enjoy a discount to the market value of their retainer. The agency has been reappointed without the need to participate in a costly pitch and saw the involvement of TP3 as a positive.

Cost: Contact TrinityP3 for details