Television Production Review


Company Category: Restaurant Chain

Challenging Problem: With over 50 TVC’s being produced each year the client engaged TP3 to review the current TVC buying costs and processes to ensure they were receiving fair value from their agencies.

Creative Solution: TP3 suggested a initial historical benchmarking exercise covering a cross section of projects. These would allow cost and process comparison using TP3’s database and category expertise.

Process: TP3 carried out a series of cost assessments using the historic data supplied being the scripts, agency and TV production house estimates

Timeline: The initial assessments where completed in the standard turnaround period of 48 hours. From these results a full proposal was prepared. This was complete and presented within a further 5 days.

Result and feedback: There where a number of recommendations that have been adopted to date of which some are on going. Firstly, using the findings from the assessments fully customized TV training workshops where run by TP3 to help the marketing team understand the issues. Cost savings of approximately 15% have been identified and various purchasing processes are being amended.

Cost: Please contact TrinityP3 for details