Top 10 ways to make the most of your marketing technology budget – Infographic

MarTech and AdTech are significantly impacting the way marketers market today. But to invest in these technologies is a significant business decision. To maximize the value you get from your technology investment check out these helpful suggestions here.

marketing technology budget
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From the infographic:

1. Be clear on the role of technology in your business from an end-to-end consumer journey perspective. Marketing technology decisions shouldn’t wag the dog.

2. Define the stage of technology maturity that your business is at in terms of structure, processes and internal/external team capability today.

3. Map your technology ecosystem aligning user flows, system integrations and process flows. Band-Aid solutions can only work for so long.

4. Plan out the technology transformation required over the next 12 and 24 months.

5. Set-up tagging & tracking. No tag, no idea.

6. Create relevant reporting frameworks and formats to identify insightful trends and opportunities that you can act on.

7. Look out for opportunities to automate activity and remove manual intervention. However, watch out that you’re not bombarding people with communication just because you can.

8. Start small, but have a big vision. If you go too big, and take too much time, then you may just be hamstrung with outdated technology.

9. Use technology to engage people in your story, and enable your purpose. Measuring the return on marketing technology investment then becomes critical.

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