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Remuneration is more than paying the bill

If you are paying your agency just to do their job you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Simply compensating the agency for their time and resources means you are not remunerating or rewarding them for delivering their contribution to your marketing performance, be that through collaboration, innovation or delivering results. Find out how your agency fees can be so much more in a Golden Minute.


Why do you pay your agency?
One remuneration consultant told me it is simply “to compensate for their work”.
But agency remuneration is more than just paying the bill.
Remuneration can change behaviours:
It can focus effort
It can encourage collaboration
It can improve innovation
It can deliver results
If you think of paying your agency to compensate them for their efforts then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.
An opportunity to drive the performance of your agencies and deliver a return on your marketing investment.
Sounds better than just paying the bills, doesn’t it?