Procurement Advisory

A few of the more interesting questions we answer for our clients:

Procurement has always been an important function in a business, but we find that procurement teams do not always have the same level of exposure to marketing suppliers as to other parts of a business.

Marketing procurement is a specialist discipline. We work with procurement professionals in a number of ways.

As part of Agency Selection process. We work with you and your teams in a consultative capacity to ensure that your compliance protocols are upheld; that supplier evaluation is appropriate and tailored; and that you have the correct commercial and financial advice where necessary.

Operational Support. If an incumbent agency requires statutory review of commercial terms, we do the heavy lifting for you, using 20+ years of financial experience and proprietary industry data.

Advisory Services. Good agency procurement is about determining value out, as much as it is about cost in. We carry out bespoke procurement consultancy projects or workshops designed to arm your team with the skills necessary to drive best in class agency procurement.

Agency Fees and Contracts. You may not be about to pitch, but you may need to conduct a review of the incumbent. If so, we offer a range of services that will determine your current position and allow you to assess with complete confidence. Click here to see more. If you’re interested specifically in your media agency, click here for more.

Negotiation. Whether as part of a pitch, a review or a specific circumstance, we work with you to build and deliver an effective negotiation strategy with the agency.

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