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advertising expenditure growth during 2006, 2 december 2005, adnews
wowing ‘em or waning on the www, december 2005, marketing matters
small-budget tv ads put paid to big ideas, 24 november 2005, sydney morning herald
P3 acquires, 18 november 2005, adnews
P3TV may help with Sarbanes Oxley, 16 November 2005, press release
P3 sets new benchmarks, 11 november 2005, B&T
merchant moves on as P3 expands, 11 november 2005, adnews
P3 buys Media Benchmarks, 11 november 2005, press release
havas joint pitch for 3, 09 november 2005, adnews
3 chats up 8, 4 november 2005, adnews
the good, the bad, and the downright ugly in advertising, november 2005, marketing matters
waiting for the sun, 30 october 2005, adnews
should ad agencies retain their IP during the pitch process, 21 october 2005, adnews
smarter marketing in a tighter economy, 13 october 2005, press release
getting to know you, october 2005, marketing matters
tighter economy brings marketers to account, 29 september 2005, press release
afa takes aim at self-serving comments, 24 september 2005, adnews
woolley weighs into pr measurement debate, 23 september 2005, adnews
adland’s new broom, 22 september 2005, BRW
P3 targets costly tv ads, 9 september 2005, adnews
colin haycock joins P3, 5 september 2005, press release
just a thought, august 2005, marketing matters
ignorance & inexperience, 30 august 2005, press release
what’s wrong with personal relationships deciding a pitch?, 29 july, 2005, adnews
consultant guidelines panned, 29 july 2005, adnews
AdNews Power 50, 26 july 2005, adnews
local firms in finals, 21 june 2005, leader newspapers
what’s the point of confidentiality clauses in new business pitches?, 17 june 2005, adnews
even more low-budget television commercial breaks, 10 may 2005, the australian
P3 claims anger tv producers, 06 may 2005, adnews
AANA’s new found form, 30 april 2005, AANA
the real cost of quality time, 16 april 2005, B&T
e-media examined, april 2005, marketing mattters
big brands open to a good pitch, 24 february 2005, the australian
woolley: time to grow up, 28 january 2005, adbrief


the cost of pitching: who should pay and when?, 3 december 2004, B&T
partner or supplier?, 29 october 2004, B&T
you say pitch, i say tender, 8 october 2004, adnwews
where did all the agencies go and how can we find them?, 01 october 2004, B&T
agencies slam suncorp contract, 30 july 2004, adnews
eight in race to win orange news, 30 july 2004, adnews
best government contract stays at foreign agency, 15 july, 2004, sydney morning herald
budget/concept alignment, 9 july 2004, B&T
consultant code to cut ‘cowboys’, 2 july 2004, B&T
R3 & P3? , 25 june 2004, B&T
AFA to tackle consultants, 18 june 2004, adnews
shrinking budgets hurt production houses, 18 june 2004, B&T
perpetual reviews and FCB re-finds its name, 11 june, 2004, B&T
publicis wins news, 4 june 2004, B&T
pay peanuts, get monkeys, 4 june 2004, B&T
you are what you eat – so try this, 4 may 2004, marketing matters
reviews are bad for both sides, 25 march 2004, the australian
DDB Melb and Cussons deny low cost claims, 3 march 2004, B&T
everyone’s itchin’ to start bitchin’ ‘bout pitchin’, 27 february 2004, B&T magazine
achieving higher degree of transparency, accountability, 16 february 2004, AANA interface


the CPM myth, december 2003, marketing magazine
letters, november 31 2003, B&T
four make the cussons list, november 21 2003, adnews
b&t weekly, november 14, 2003,”show me the money – how much should clients pay for good ideas?”
marketing magazine, november, 2003,”advertising versus accountability – can they get along?”
ad news, october 24, 2003,”maanen to P3”
b&t weekly, october 10, 2003,”cussons returns to sacked agency ST”
b&t weekly, october 3, 2003,”people on the move”
marketing magazine, september, 2003,”top 10 misleading statements heard in advertising”
marketing matters, august, 2003,”the value of creatives”
b&t weekly, july 25, 2003,”clients beware on production front”
b&t weekly, july 11, 2003,”measuring roi but at what cost?”
melbourne magazine, july, 2003,”reality television”
b&t weekly, july 3, 2003,”is tv advertising nowdays really worth the investment”
encore, july 3, 2003,”p3 aims for transparent costs”
b&t weekly, july 3, 2003,”TPA compliance does not have to equate to dull advertising”
b&t weekly, july 3, 2003,”TPA compliance does not have to equate to dull advertising p2”
b&t weekly, june 27, 2003,”copyright fails to protect all”
b&t weekly, june 19, 2003,”post-production companies look offshore to turn a profit”
b&t weekly, june 13, 2003,”industry reacts to push for 20% margin on revenues”
b&t weekly, june 13, 2003,”selling short”
b&t weekly, may 30, 2003,”procurement is no the worry”
marketing magazine, june, 2003,”TV production cost transparency number one concern of advertisers?”
b&t weekly, may 23, 2003,”quote of the week”
b&t weekly, may 23, 2003,”software to shake down tvc costs?”
b&t weekly, may 23, 2003,”do agencies save clients money?”
b&t weekly, may 16, 2003,”nsw brings in the tvc big bucks”
the australian, media section, may 15, 2003,”makes no commercial sense but sydney’s firm favourite”
aana interface newsletter issue #14, may 2003,”seeing through tvc production costs”
b&t weekly, may 9, 2003,”are cost consultants worthwhile?”
marketing, april, 2003,”what does a creative idea cost?”
marketing, march, 2003,”how to build an advertising campaign without blowing the budget”
ami marketing update, march, 2003,”surviving the advertising sharks”
aana interface newsletter issue #13 march 2003, “focusing on performance”
marketing matters, summer, 2003,”10 ways to cut your ad costs”
lawyers weekly, february 21, 2003, “writing ads is something we should be doing less: Minters”
ad news, february 14, 2003,”tvc cost problem”
afr, february 3, 2003,”copy and the black letter of the law”


ad news, december 6, 2002,”letters to the editor”


ad news, july 20, 2001,”production estimate plans off-track”
ad news, july 20, 2001, “patts expands tv production”
ad news, may 11, 2001, “four production experts comment about audits”
ad news, may 11, 2001, “aana ends production concerns”
b&t weekly, may 4, 2001, “woolley: advertisers need me”
b&t weekly, may 4, 2001, “aana tackles production costs”
xsmedia, may 1, 2001, “aana’s new-found form”


ad news, november 17, 2000, “praise for P3tv”
b&t weekly, october 27, 2000, “production companies next in the firing line”
b&t weekly, october 27, 2000, “production costs scrutinised
ad news, october 20, 2000, “P3tv audits tvc production”
ad news, october 20, 2000, “ad agencies outraged by allegations…”
b&t weekly, october 20, 2000, “blampied: show me the rorters”
b&t weekly, october 13, 2000, “aana and afa smell a rat in adland”
australian creative, autumn 2000, “former jwt creative and creative voice”
b&t weekly, january 28, 2000, “people, purpose and process”
ad news, january 28, 2000, “ad town fysh jumps into jwt’s creative pond”
ad news, january 14, 2000, “fysh joins jwt melb as woolley sets up”